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  Serving a 10 mile radius of 

Green Cove Springs. 

Specializing in Sprinkler system maintenance plans. 

Repairs, Tune-Ups, Restoration, Low Volume, and Minor Modifications.

About Us

Local service since 1997


  • Independent Operator, Art Yeaman, DBA as Green Cove Irrigation; 22 years experience.  
  • Applying a Florida Friendly approach to watering efficiently.  
  • Repairs, maintenance, modifications, low volume, rain shut off, VALVE / WIRE locating.  
  • Primarily Rain Bird or Hunter products. 
  •  Primarily a 10 mile radius of Green Cove.
  • AVAILABILITY: Tuesday, Wednesday, &  Thursday with a 2 - 4 day notice.  Urgent calls as needed and available. 
  • ESTIMATES (+ or - 10%):  Best to be done on site, non-detailed estimate no cost. 
  • REPAIR / INSPECT / ADJUSTMENT RATES: Oct 1st  – May 15th routine service call fee $55.00 (first hour), urgent call $75.00. Labor cost $25.00 per hour after first hour, plus parts.  May 16th – Sep 30th routine service call fee $70.00 (first hour), urgent call $90.00. Labor cost $35.00 per hour after first hour, plus parts.  All new parts warranty - one year, does not cover damaged items.  The above rates do not apply to System Tune-Ups, Restoration, or Initial setup for a Maintenance Plan.

Tune-Ups, Modifications, and Renovations


  • SYSTEM TUNE UP or  RESTORATION or INITIAL SET UP FOR A MAINTENANCE PLAN: Includes the initial detailed service for the controller, valve operation, zone by zone head & nozzle adjustment/replacement, and rain shut off device.
  • Generally starting at $200 for 3-4 zones. Other ball park figures are: $300.00 for 5-6 zones, $400 for 7-8, and etc.

  • Does your Rain Shut off device work?  Not sure call or drop us a line. 
  •  Services are tailored to address your desires, needs of your plants, and your budget.    


  • COVERAGE - available on request; cost is based on client needs and the risk factor.   
  • REFERENCES: Available upon request. 
  • CONSULTING: Not sure what to do?... do you have a "troubled" area or a vision?... Let's talk……..   

Annual Service Agreement


  • OPTIONAL ANNUAL (12 Months) MAINTENANCE PLAN SERVICE AGREEMENT: Is an additional cost (prorated the first year) and is ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF A FULL TUNE-UP.  It is also based on the number of zones, system integrity, design, and overall system function.  
  • The annual renewal fee starts at $135.00 (3-4 zones).
    The annual service agreement includes  1.) No service call fees for one year.  2.) 6 month follow up inspection (3-4 Months for Commercial property).  3.) All newly installed parts - warranty for one year.  4.) If other heads or nozzles fail you only pay for parts. (Does not include your existing, lines, valves, wires, rain shut off or controller.)  5.) Other damages (abuse/storm/equipment) you pay for parts and labor. $22.00 per hour plus parts. 6.) Additional irrigation services - modifications, R&R controller, R&R valve(s) - $22.00 per hour plus parts. 7.) $10 parts/supply escrow.  8.) Landscape consultation - ? Turf... Drainage..Shrubs..Specialty Gardening..??

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To Be of Service:

Art is a retired US Marine (1972-94). In 1995 he returned to school (First Coast Technical College) to study Agriculture Science (Irrigation, Landscape, & Greenhouse operations).  In 1997 he developed a landscape and irrigation business. From 1999-2001 he was on staff with University of Florida Extension as a Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program assistant. In 2007 he stopped doing irrigation installations and landscape work to focus on his specific area of expertise.... 




Seasonal Hours Are Variable

Oct - Apr : Tuesday -  Thursday: 8am - 4pm

May - Sep:  Tuesday -  Thursday:  7am - noon

Friday & Saturday by special appointment

Sunday & Holidays: Closed

PO Box 472  Green Cove Springs, FL 32043